The City of Vilnius informs of the changes in daily
lives of residents during nationwide quarantine

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What is quarantine?

Quarantine is a way to prevent the spread of the virus and protect population.

Currently, the quarantine has been imposed nationwide in Lithuania and will last until April 13, 00:00, at the least.

This means that movement to and from the country has been restricted, and efforts are made to minimize physical contact between people domestically to reduce the spread of the virus.

KEY POINTS WHILE IN QUARANTINE: Avoid any contact with people, try to stay at home as much as possible, leaving when absolutely necessary only – to go to work or buy food.

Movement in Vilnius

Movement has not been restricted in the city, but the recommendation is to reduce it to the minimum – staying at home is the safest, especially for people over 60.

Buses and trolleybuses are still running, but have a reduced frequency and modified schedule

We encourage using public transport when it is inevitable only.

Buses and trolleybuses have been disinfected and ventilated more frequently.

The sale of single-trip tickets by drivers has been suspended – use Trafi or m.Ticket app or buy tickets at their points of sale.

Getting on busses using the front door is not allowed thus protecting the health of drivers.

A limitation on the number of passengers on buses and trolleybuses has been imposed – traveling in seats only is allowed.

Passengers are asked to keep the social distance between each other. Do not hurry to get it in the bus and do not sit in front of other people. We recommend to sit in a position of chess.

For more information about public transport visit:

Walking, riding a bike, a scooter or using other own means of transport is recommended for moving in the city.

Several companies have already started to provide bike and scooter sharing service.

Vilnius is currently negotiating with bicycle and scooter sharing companies asking them to start the season early so that more residents can use these means of transport.

Stores, pharmacies

Grocery stores, food markets, pharmacies, optical, veterinary stores and petrol stations operate without restrictions, but their opening hours may be changed.

Physical non-grocery stores have been closed, but some of them offer online shopping, because home delivery has not been restricted.

The recommendation is to shop for the necessary food and medical supplies ordering them online, where possible.

Where ordering food online is not possible, going to stores when they are least busy is recommended, keeping a distance from other customers of one meter at the least and buying food for at least a few days.

While shopping it is recommended to wear protective equipment – surgical masks and single-use gloves.

Shopping in groups of more than two people is forbidden. Families are recommended to have one responsible person to do the shopping at the time.

Making card or contactless payments is recommended instead of paying cash.



Kindergartens, schools, higher education and other educational institutions have been closed. The same goes for private institutions.

Spring school holidays have been moved to March 16-27, and distance learning is planned afterwards. Teachers and educators will inform parents about this process by email or via electronic grade books.

Children of doctors and medical specialists, whose work is of crucial importance during this period, will be taken care of in Vilnius. They have to contact the kindergarten or school that they children attend for further information.

Parents will not have to pay for education in municipal schools and kindergartens during quarantine.

Private schools and kindergartens decide on payment for education in their institutions themselves – this depends on the contracts signed by them and parents. The City of Vilnius will continue paying a EUR 100 compensation.

If you want to help your children to learn remotely, you can find information on how to do that here:


During quarantine, visits to outpatient clinics have been suspended.

If necessary, residents of Vilnius should call their outpatient clinics.

Physicians will decide on a scheduled consultation in each individual case.

Call the free coronavirus hotline 1808 if:

– you have flu-like symptoms: fever, cough, sore throat or difficulty in breathing;

– you have returned from abroad or have had contact with someone who has likely been infected with coronavirus;

– you want to consult on virus-related issues.

Online registration to outpatient clinics has been suspended, but online registration for remote health services has been open.

The following services are provided remotely: prescription of medicines and medical aids, consultations, issuance and extension of electronic statements of incapacity for work, peer-to-peer consultations of doctors, prescription of necessary tests, and nurse consultations.

Scheduled surgeries will be postponed, except for those, the postponement of which would significantly deteriorate the patient’s condition or require emergency medical aid.

Non-emergency scheduled surgeries, health procedures, diagnostic and therapeutic services and measures have been postponed.

Visiting patients in hospitals has been prohibited, except for children under the age of 14 and patients in terminal condition, with the permission of the treating physician.

Preventive examinations and preventive programmes have been postponed, also reorganizing scheduled vaccinations.

Provision of dental services has been postponed, except for emergencies.

Pregnancy care shall continue as prescribed by laws, serving patients at certain hours specified by institutions.

For more information on the work of outpatient and inpatient institutions, see

Work from home, employment relations

The recommendation for the private and the public sector is to organize work and provision of services remotely, where possible.

Companies whose employees cannot work from home are recommended to ensure more intense use of sanitation and hygiene measures to ensure the safety of their employees.

Employees cannot be forced to take unpaid leave.

The Government plans to provide businesses with various economic incentive and mitigation measures. The City of Vilnius will also offer certain measures for business and persons engaged in individual activities, which will mitigate adverse economic consequences.

Catering and hospitality sector

Activities of bars and restaurants have been prohibited, but food can be delivered home.

Activities of wellness centres, spas, sanatoriums and recreation centres have been prohibited.

The provision of treatment-related individual rehabilitation services has not been stopped.

We will shortly revise information relating to the activities of hotels.

Events, culture, sports, leisure

During quarantine, events and gatherings have been prohibited in both open and closed spaces, regardless of the number of attendees.

Visiting cultural, leisure, entertainment and sports facilities has been prohibited.

Theatres and cinemas have been closed during quarantine.

Activities of sports clubs and beauty salons have been prohibited.

Sports and exercising at home are recommended.

Do not forget to take care of your health and go outdoors, but even when being in nature, avoid contact with people. Try to choose places, where it would be possible to maintain at least two meters distance from each other. Do not gather in groups of more than 2 people, except your family members.

Do not allow children to play in city‘s playgrounds – experience of other countries has shown that the virus spreads through the surface in such playgrounds. However, if you choose to be in a playground, children of only one family are allowed to play at the time.

Activities of public and social service establishments

State and municipal establishments, institutions and enterprises are recommended to organize work remotely, except when certain functions must be performed at a physical workplace.

Visiting sentenced and arrested persons in custodian institutions has been prohibited, except for their meetings with lawyers.

Visiting all inpatient social service establishments, foster families, group and community homes has been be prohibited.

Contacting customers in other social service establishments has been allowed only for the purpose of ensuring the provision of essential social services.

Activities of day care centres for children, persons with disabilities and the elderly have been prohibited.

Lietuvos Paštas (Lithuanian Post) will only accept, issue and deliver parcels and letters, and provide other critical services, such as retirement pensions, benefits, money orders and subscriptions. The number of customers in post offices will be limited, and no services will be provided inside residential premises. Using self-service parcel machines is recommended.

Domestic movement

Movement of residents and goods inside the country has not been restricted.

Restrictions on passenger flows on regular long-distance and suburban routes have been imposed.  Passengers may travel seated, maintaining a distance of at least one meter from each other. Vehicles shall be disinfected at the first and last stop of each route.

Cross-border movement

Foreigners have been prohibited from entering the Republic of Lithuania, with the exception of diplomats and NATO officials, personnel serving them and their family members.

Citizens of the Republic of Lithuania have been prohibited from leaving the Republic of Lithuania, unless they have to return to their place of residence, place of employment or have a permission of the Head of the State Border Guard Service.

The border may be crossed at the following border crossing points: Kalvarija – Budzisko, Saločiai – Grenstalė, Butingė – Rucava, Smėlynė – Medume, Medininkai – Kamenyi Log, Raigardas – Privalka, Kybartai – Chernyshevskoye, Panemunė – Sovetsk, Vilnius, Kaunas, Palanga and Šiauliai airports, and Klaipėda Seaport.

Movement of goods has not been restricted.

Helping hand in fighting the virus

We encourage lending a helping hand to older people, single parents and people with disabilities or chronic illnesses. You can do this by helping them to shop for food, take out garbage, or in other ways. This is an example of a poster which you can hang on your stairwell:

We invite those, who provide catering and food delivery services, or have premises for accommodation that can help with isolation, to register. All help, whether paid or free, is welcome. Register here:

We are looking for volunteers who could contribute to exercises, rescue and emergency management actions in difficult situations, use their professional knowledge, skills or equipment to solve problem situations and deal with the aftermath. Please register here:

Want to contribute otherwise? Join the Gediminas Legion volunteer Facebook Group:

Social benefits and taxes

The plan is that:

  • receiving social benefits without leaving home will be possible in the upcoming month;
  • having failed to extend social benefits in March, they will be extended for one month without the person’s application;
  • nursing and care (assistance) benefits will be extended without a separate application;
  • very sensitive and urgent social benefits (funeral benefits) will be granted in accordance with minimum legislative requirements.